The Salty Dog Gallery opened in June 2011. We are a seasonal gallery located in a small fishing village on the coast of Maine. We deal exclusively in 20th century and contemporary fine art photography.

As a photographer for three decades and someone keenly devoted to the medium and its vast potential, I have long been interested in a collaboration of sorts with other photographers and those who collect photography. The Salty Dog Gallery is a result of this interest.

With breathtaking scenery, the Maine coastline and Acadia National Park (in our immediate area) have long been a highly sought after destination for multitudes of photographers.

Literally hundreds of people stop at the end of our driveway each day during the summer season with a camera poised at the harbor. Some with tripods, working slow and methodically; often returning for optimal lighting conditions. There are those who will take a moment to pose their family and friends in the shot and may opt for a few different vantage points. Finally, a good percentage of what I witness, I could only describe as “drive by shootings” (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a passenger on the back of a motorcycle whip out a camera and take a picture while the driver maintains a speed of 45 mph).

I want all of these people to come through our doors; to be exposed to and captivated by exceptional photography.

When we view a photograph, we are often being honored with the privilege of witnessing one of the most poignant moments in an artist’s life in object form. But with great power to communicate the human experience, the most successful photographs are not merely paper objects but talismans of a sort with the ability to conjure up an equally poignant experience for the viewer. Some of these images, so fraught with meaning, we carry in our minds for a lifetime.

Our mission at the Salty Dog Gallery is to provide a space for emerging and established artists to exhibit their work. The gallery also provides a welcoming meeting place for networking and educational opportunities for the general public in the form of workshops and guest lectures. Lectures run the gamut from the history of photography to advice in collecting photography. We aim to promote the visual arts by coordinating with local art organizations and supporting regional art institutions.

Dean Kotula Owner, photographer