Adventure in India: a photographers love affair

by Dean Kotula

I spent the bulk of this winter in India. This was my third time there, with two decades separating each visit.

On this trip I traversed the terrain and bodies of water in the regions of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Kerala on foot, by car, by bus, by plane, boat, camel, elephant, motorcycle, tuk-tuk, and rickshaw.

To contribute to my long term project on global fishing my aim was to focus my camera primarily on this subject but I left myself open to all areas of interest. One cannot venture about India without being in a constant state of fascination. There are few countries on earth that offer such extraordinary variety both geographically (mountains, plains, deserts, oceans) and culturally (food, religion, class distinctions…). We hear so much about the crowds and squalor but what is equally true is how vast and luxurious the country is.

Traveling in India is a thrill; it will enchant one moment and try your patience the next. India happens to you. You will learn to loosen up some of the controls you use to navigate life and come away with a fuller, deeper understanding and appreciation of not only yourself but other people and animals that share this planet. It will be unforgettable. At least this has been my experience and it is my privilege to share this adventure with you.