I’m nocturnal. It’s not unusual for me to be awake all night. The night of the storm, I heard howling winds as loud and threatening as thunderbolts. Against my better judgment, I opened the front door a few times, trying to get a look and a better sense of what was happening outside, when the door was nearly ripped from the hinges. 

The wind was fierce and the tide high, but under the cover of darkness, there was no way of knowing the full totality of what was happening and the fate of boats like Miss Chriss, until the light of day—and then it came as a shock to all of us, particularly to the Crowley family. The boat belongs to Donald Crowley Jr. (Donald Sr. is also a lifelong fisherman as was his father).

Donald Crowley Jr. and his wife Christine alongside Miss Chriss (Donald Sr. and friend in the background). 

Preparing to have the boat towed.

“Finalizing Details” (Donald Sr. can be seen in teal jacket) 

Donald Crowley Jr. appears as the superhero he proved to be that day as he stands atop his boat preparing towing lines. His father said it best when he remarked,   

“I could never have taken the loss as well as he is.” 

The boat named, Carpe Diem is waiting to tow Miss Chriss to safety.

Donald in a skiff delivering tow line from Carpe Diem.

Accompanying a horrific screech, Miss Chriss is pulled from the rocks and plunges into the water on her Starboard side.

Miss Chriss rights herself.

Miss Chriss is swung around and makes a dramatic exit as she is towed stern-first by Carpe Diem.

Shortly after the start of the tow, the boat named Wet Dream rushed in to tie up to Miss Chriss to prevent her from sinking. Then Carpe Diem circled back around and both boats surrounded Miss Chriss to keep her aloft while they guided her into the shallows near the town pier.

One of a number of onlookers captivated by the recovery efforts.

Donald aboard his half submerged boat flanked by escorts, Wet Dream and Carpe Diem. 

Miss Chriss is dropped off near the town pier.

No caption needed

Donald Jr. bids farewell to Wet Dream and prepares to tow Miss Chriss  the last leg of the journey by skiff.

Finally, a tow rope is tied to the backhoe that will haul his boat out of the water once Donald Jr. fastens the other end.

Maine coast warden and other onlookers stay clear of the towline while the backhoe pulls Miss Chriss out of the water.

Miss Chriss in the parking lot awaiting her next destination.

Update: As it turns out, Donald Jr. pulled her engine, bought a new boat on Cape Cod and sold Miss Chriss’s hull to a fisherman in Wiscasset, Maine